Starting Again

Let us consider this the first official post of the rebooted Elephant Bucks Blog.  This will be Elephant Bucks Blog 2.0.  I lost one post and took down a couple of others, so let’s remember this post as the first of the second era.

I never dreamed when I started this blog seven years ago that I would still be writing it today. I enjoy writing this blog, and for the ten or twelve people out there who read it, I am happy to keep writing.

I didn’t start using a computer until I was in my thirties.  That is my excuse for my fear of computers and my resistance to using new software  That is my excuse for why my blog got all screwed up over the last few weeks.  I didn’t even know my blog was screwed up until a former student and current blog reader alerted me.  Thank you, Gabe.

Amanda, the bright young woman who designed this site for me seven years ago, was able to contact GoDaddy and find a new way for me to write my blog.  Last night, my daughter was able to customize this page in about five minutes.  I had worked on it for a couple of hours and completely screwed it up.  Through the whole experience I sat fanning myself in a hyperventilated state like Blanche DuBois.

Many people my age work their computers very well.  My wife, for instance, has largely mastered her computer.  She works with what seem to me to be hopelessly complicated programs like ArchiCad and Revit.  I don’t know how she ever learned either one of these programs since I am still baffled by the Mac version of Final Draft.  I finally had Final Draft down on my PC, but now that I have switched to Mac I can’t figure out how to write anything on Final Draft anymore.  I’m embarrassed to go to Sam, our extremely talented and patient writers assistant on MOM, and ask him for the ten thousandth time to show me how to write again on Final Draft.  (Sam, if you read this, it is not meant as a manipulative way of getting another tutorial out of you, but I suppose, if I’m honest, this is a passive/aggressive request for more help.)

One can overcome obstacles if one asks for help.

One can also overcome obstacles by calming down and trying a little harder.  I am better at the first than at the second.

My entire life seems to have been one continuous lesson in patience and tenacity.  I am emotional.  I get frustrated easily and temperamental in an instant.  But life keeps giving me new opportunities to grow.

Now that I am back working on a sitcom staff I have worked mightily to be patient, positive, and humble. These are virtues I seldom utilized in the past.  I don’t claim to have mastered any of these three virtues, but I am much better than I once was.

Life has given me opportunities to start again and try harder.  Every day I find another reason to be grateful for new opportunities.  I am discovering daily that I can now accomplish things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t have accomplished in the past.

Losing my blog for a short time was another opportunity at growth.  I would feel better if I had solved this issue on my own.  I think if I had stuck with it a little longer I could have solved it, but I was smart enough to ask for help before I threw a hissy fit.

Now that the blog is up and running again I can go back to my struggle with Final Draft.  Maybe I ought to start by actually reading the tutorial that comes with the software.  With Final Draft, as with this blog and with so many other issues in my life, it’s time to start again.